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Superior Kennels is a hobby kennel devoted to raising
English Bulldogs and West Highland White Terrier as
loving family pets.

The English Bulldog is the most popular breed of dog
in America today. They bring joy to the hearts of all
who see them. If you don't believe that, take one for a
walk. Everybody that passes will smile. You can't
watch an English Bulldog walk past without a smile!  

We believe the English Bulldog to be the perfect
family companion for the following reasons:
•They are very loving and loyal, and will follow their
master/mistress off the end of the earth.
•They are so darn cute that even the worst day 'out in
the world' can be cheered by just the site of these
lovable, rolly-polly, hugable, living teddy-bears!

The West Highland White Terrier is one of the most
popular breeds of small dogs today. They are well-
balanced and exhibit good showmanship. They have
beautiful, shiny white coats and bright, button eyes,
shaggy eyebrows and a black nose. They are
intelligent dogs, they learn quickly, they love human
companionship and will play indoors or out. They
make excellent companions for children of all ages.
They also rank the highest among terriers as a hunter
of small animals.

We believe the Westie to be the perfect family
companion for the following reasons:
•The Westie is a happy-go-lucky dog which takes
everything within its' stride (never timid, shy, or
•The Westie is energetic enough to keep up with
multiple children.
•The Westie is a friendly, non-aggressive dog,
getting along well with people, and most other
•The Westie is an extremely hardy dog, which can
romp with the best of them, and do well as either an
inside dog or an outside dog (given the proper
•Westies don't have a shedding problem, so Mom
doesn't spend all of her time vacuuming up pet hair.
•Westies are extremely intelligent and love to learn
new tricks
•Westies are the perfect size -- small enough for your
lap, big enough for the yard.

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