We often have folks ask us for references, and we certainly
understand why. However, we don't ask our new families for
references because we think it would be a terrible imposition to
ask them to respond to the large number of reference requests
they would receive. Furthermore, we respect our new families'
right to their privacy and would never share their contact
information without their express permission. If a new family
volunteers to be used as a reference, and gives us permission to
give out their contact information, we will be very happy to share
it with our many readers!

Fortunately, we do receive many endearing letters from our new
families telling us about the new lives our puppies are living and
sharing pictures of our puppies in their new homes. We have
included many of those letters and pictures on this page, without
divulging the new family's private information. Please enjoy
browsing through these wonderful testimonials!

~Please excuse the mess, we are still under construction!
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